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100% Bio

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Orig. lang.French
DirectorClaude Fortin
Serge Laprade
Claude Fortin
Brigitte Lacasse
Michel Mongeau

StudioCinema Libre

A former television host now fronting infomercials reveals his celebrated past to a filmmaker who wants to tell the story of his life. However, a dearth of archival footage about his years in television leaves the TV host feeling bitter about the medium that brought him fame. He turns his back on his biographer and runs away, leaving several people shaken by his disappearance. A finely rendered chronicle of a ground-breaking period in Quebec’s television history, this comedy drama is, first and foremost, a story about two men from vastly different worlds: one is well-dressed and meticulous, the other shabby and neglected; one is articulate, the other somewhat shy and ill at ease; one hails from a working-class background, the other from an intellectual, marginal milieu; one is a “biographer’s subject,” the other a “biographer.” Their meeting leads to friendship – one which ultimately reveals the vulnerability of human beings.

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